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Air Purification (Medical Class II)

AirMaxx services and installs the highest performing air purification devices that filter unwanted particulates out of your home’s air. We only sell whole-house air purification, such devices are the only ones that can theoretically filter the air that travels through your home’s ventilation system. Our 3-Stage devices have been installed at shooting ranges to capture byproducts emitted from the firing of arms, which can include VOCs, lead particles, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. True HEPA filtration was used to accomplish this task.

AirMaxx has a broad selection of quality whole-house air purification devices to choose from and are confident that our sales personnel are well educated on all our products. We will help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Is a small room air cleaner better than a whole house air cleaner?

The benefit of a room air cleaner would be to target a specific indoor environment at select times. The benefit of a whole house air cleaner is to use the existing ductwork to filter the entire homes air. Only use air cleaners with a filter media, and stay away from room air cleaners and whole house air cleaners that create more surface dust. Most of your commonly sold units are designed to create more surface dust so that you are able to sweep it up. We do not sell or market these systems.

What does ionic mean and how does it work?

Ionic air cleaners create ions in your home’s air that seek out dust particles and attach to those particles. So what happens after they attach, they add additional weight to the dust thus dropping it to the ground or any other surface in the home. Ionic air cleaners are known to create grayish black dust balls on your walls. A by-product of creating ions is ozone, which is a nuisance to some people and animals. If you look carefully it is even listed as a warming in some of these manufactures instruction manuals.

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