Dealer AwardOwning a home comes with having unexpected heating and cooling repairs during the worst of times.  If we could plan our furnace repairs, we would have less stress and have more time to choose the right HVAC contractor in Channahon or Minooka IL.  Most Air Conditioning Contractors advertise trust, honesty, fair pricing and nowadays these words are just cliché.  So I will help you identify the signs that tell you when you are dealing with a dishonest heating and air conditioning contractor in Minooka, IL.  This may help my fellow HVAC contractor in Minooka IL stop selling fear, lies and pushing you into an unwanted or unneeded furnace installation.


It is 2:30AM you wake up in a cold bedroom and first check the thermostat, then check the furnace.  It is now 3:15AM and you have work in the morning and cannot afford to take a day off work and don’t have a Heating and Cooling contractor that you have previously used.  You search on google for furnace repair in Minooka IL and a list of Heating contractors in Minooka IL pops up.  Now who do you choose? The one with most reviews? The first to answer the phone? The closest address to your home? Or one that offers 24 hr service?

Owning an HVAC business myself I know some HVAC contractors pay third party companies to help advertise, so the more money spent gets you a higher rank on Google. The reviews are sometimes legitimate and sometimes they are not.  Getting reviews is valuable for businesses and gathering them requires us to ask for them.  The more money spent on online advertising the easier it is to be the first to show up regardless of the type of work the HVAC company in Minooka IL does.  You would think that the reviews would be a perfect judge, but unfortunately it is not.  So be aware when going off large number of reviews when choosing your contractor. Yes, you still have no heat and need your heating repaired. Here are the tell tail signs that you are dealing with a HVAC contractor that is all about THEM first and your Comfort last.  We actually put your comfort first.

What to listen for from a contractor you don’t know:

  1. You know your furnace is really old, have you ever thought of getting a new one?
  2. I found the problem – it will cost $1000 to repair, I can sell you a whole new furnace for $1800!
  3. I think I found the problem, but once I replace that part another part may fail.  I may need to replace the gas valve, furnace control board, and inducer motor.
  4. I’m not sure I can find parts to repair your old furnace, it may take several weeks to order those parts, might be quicker to get a new one.
  5. After cleaning and checking your furnace for $59 we found that you have a cracked heat exchanger. I must shut your furnace off for safety reasons. You will be without heat.
  6. If you are getting a new furnace you are probably better off getting a new air conditioner too.
  7. I cannot hold this price once I leave your home, it is discounted because I am already here.

 These are just a few of the tactics the knuckle head HVAC contractor will use.  It is their goal to get as many customers as possible because they are looking at the batting average, more swings is better.  So, do not call to schedule an appointment and say “I think I need a new furnace”, that tells the heating contractor that you are ready to buy.  Most furnaces are repairable, and most parts are available.  So if you think the free Heating repair service is looking out for your best interest, they are not.  The free service is always included somewhere in the final price.  They are just looking to do the least amount of work for the highest profit.  Be careful and read the reviews carefully and listen and ask questions, you are in control.  The break down guarantee has fine print, and so does the bogus 15-year labor warranty.  This is called the law of averages; how many furnaces are going to breakdown after they have been cleaned.  Remember, all heating and air conditioning contractor need to make a profit, but the way some go about doing it is unscrupulous.

The weather is turning and March’s mid 40 degree temperature will soon be 80 degrees. So, if you are expecting to purchase a new air conditioner in Minooka IL or if you just want to get your old air conditioner cleaned and checked give us a call. AirMaxx has been in business since 1999, and we plan on continuing to be in business for a longtime to come. New HVAC companies will pop up in Minooka and Channahon we are here to stay. AC repair companies will offer too good to be true pricing, along with awesome AC tuneup deals at fabulous pricing. We don’t believe in bait and switch. That’s never been how we do business.

Always remember that AirMaxx is your local, family owned air conditioning contractor in Minooka and Channahon . We are not going anywhere. We have seen companies come and go, and we will continue to hold true to our pride in craftsmanship and great service. So when that $59 clean and check post card drops in your mail box and onto your kitchen table ask yourself if it is too good to be true. Ask yourself if they want your money or your business. Ask yourself if they are performing the same service as others or just rushing from one $59 job to another $59 job to another $59, until they find someone that will buy a new furnace and air conditioner from them. AirMaxx is a phone call away and has never been into bait and switch marketing, hard press aggressive Air conditioner sales or dishonest practices once in your home.



Believe it or not I actually enjoy helping people! Yes we do get paid for what we do, but making sure that the AirMaxx furnace repair technicians are always being trained are what makes AirMaxx Heating and Air Conditioning Services, Inc. better at repairing furnaces and air conditioners. Recently, we helped Danny with is furnace repair. He is located in Channahon and was trying to fix his furnace himself from 8:00am that morning until around 5:00pm. Although getting help from his dad and friends was helpful, he ran into a little problem. Danny had it working, but then a simple mistake made the furnace not turn on at all. He called AirMaxx on a Saturday, after hours. AirMaxx always has someone on-call – Saturday that was me! I was watching movies at home with my family (good ol’ redbox!), at the ready for a call just like this one.

When a heating repair technician is on call that means that they must wait for the phone to ring. Should a customer call to have their furnace repaired in Plainfield, Channahon, Lockport, or Minooka, IL the HVAC repair technician on call must drop everything to help the customer. That means if I am on call I can not attend any family functions, or any of my kids athletic events, or even go to the movies. It is a sacrifice that I do not mind making for my customers. I am not complaining, but just explaining that when our technicians are on call sometimes no calls come in. There are other times may be one call may come in at 11:30pm. AirMaxx is 24/7 so it is a choice that we do not mind making for our customers. The process is try to help the customer repair the furnace problem over the phone first, if it seems minor, otherwise we set an appointment.

So, if AirMaxx sends a furnace repair technician out to your house, understand that it may take a short amount of time for us to isolate the problem. A broken furnace may take some homeowners 8 hours to figure out the issue. That doesn’t means that the homeowner would never figure it out, but time is valuable for all of us. AirMaxx has been in business for 20 years so we have repaired and troubleshooted thousands of HVAC systems in Channahon IL. Not only do we fix your furnace problem but we give the customer tips and recommendations on how to prevent future furnace problems. I truly enjoy helping my customers.


High Efficient Furnace Blower Motor

To customers that have had AirMaxx Heaxing and Air Conditioning Service Inc. perform furnace repair and air conditioning repair services in Channahon IL this is for you and your friends. 

The new Federal law that is expected to go into effect July 2019 was passed to help reduce HVAC operating cost in Channahon IL and across the nation.  Furnace and air conditioning manufacturers can no longer make furnaces that have the old-style furnace blower motor.  All furnace motors must be an ECM style motor.  What is an ECM furnace blower motor?  An ECM or high efficiency furnace blower motor converts an AC current into a DC current.  What does this do for you guys and gals in Channahon IL?  This furnace blower motor will reduce your electricity bill.  The watts used to operate this efficient furnace blower can be from 30% to 80% less that the traditional PSC furnace blower motor.  Utility companies such as Comed are giving Channahon homeowners a $50 to $100 rebate on ECM furnace blower motors.  Call or email AirMaxx for more information.

We had a question come up today about a home that never seemed to cool off during the day, but would get comfortable in the evening. Couple of things come to mind here.

One possible reason is that the AC is undersized.  This can be figured out by having an HVAC company perform a Load Calculation (measurement of how much heat is gained in the summer & how much heat you loose in the winter from your home). There is special software that is used to help make this determination.  Another possibility is an under charged unit (not enough, or low, refrigerant).  HVAC companies have tools to measure if this is the case.  A Third potential cause of your home not cooling properly is infiltration air (accidential air that does not come from the conditioned space, like an hot attic or the outside).  An HVAC tech can measure the temperature of the air coming thru the AC Coil & determine if this is the case.

There are also other reasons that could cause your home not to cool properly, if you have any questions, give us a call 815-254-5127!

Be mindful that when properly sizing your air conditioning system for your home there are more factors involved than just the square footage of your home.

Your A/C is sized for an outdoor temperature of 88 degrees in the summer. So when it is above 88 degrees your air conditioner is now too small, undersized. You may find that it will run longer to cool your home. If it is older, dirty, and 100 degrees outside than it could be a recipe for disaster.

Cool off your A/C today with a watering from your hose. They get hot too, & it will help the system work better.

Remember having clean copper lines that connect your air conditioner to the evaporator coil (located inside your house connected to your furnace) is one of the most critical pieces of the installation process.


Using your existing copper lines on a new installation is okay to do, but it will cost more money to clean them, and if you don’t clean them, you need to replace them. There is only one way to clean them and it is not with nitrogen alone.

With any company you choose, make certain it is listed on the proposal in detail as to if you are getting the line set cleaned or replaced. Should you ever have a problem, this information will serve as proof to the manufacturer of the installation process that was used. Improper install can void the manufacturer warranty.

There are times when AirMaxx is called out to perform a routine cleaning and diagnostic for an Air Conditioner in Plainfield, Channahon, or Minooka Illinois.

The homeowner may suspect that the system just hasn’t been cooling like it used to, or they are habitual in their maintenance process & this is something they do every year.

When we are called to perform such a service, we are performing an evaluation of the air conditioner and cleaning it to perform as well as it can, based on its age and issues.  Older air conditioning systems do often times leak refrigerant and this leaking process can be slow or fast.

We seem to be the ones that gives both good and bad news, and at times, it may be perceived as trying to sell a new air conditioner. I can assure you that we would only recommend this as an option if we feel it is the BEST, cost saving option, for our customers given the age & complexity of their Air Conditioner issue.  Our reputation as a fair & honest company demands this.

We want our customer to be educated on the why our world is effected by the change of the type of refrigerant that is used to power the cooling process of your older home air conditioner.  We have attached an article we believe illustrates it very well HERE.

An educated customer is a our best friend.

Did you forget your Air Conditioning Clean & Check ? As the weather gets warmer we are consumed with stepping outside and enjoying the beauty of Springtime. BUT…It is also time to think about getting your Air Conditioner tuned-up prior to the tough job it will endure this Summer. An Air Conditioner tune up, or Air Conditioning Clean & Check is an affordable service that will help your AirConditioning system run more efficiently. This important cleaning could alert you to hidden problems sooner than later. Cleaning & Checking your Air Conditioning system may end up saving you money in the long run, as you won’t be caught in a surprised emergency breakdown. Our Air Conditioner technicians will gladly walk you through the process of our Air Conditioning cleaning & maintenance check, and answer any questions that you may have.

AirMaxx offers maintenance services as well, we can schedule your Air Conditioning Cleaning & Furnace Cleaning services ahead of time for your convenience.  We have maintenance agreements available.

Located in Channahon, Illinois, AirMaxx is proud to serve Plainfield, Shorewood, Minooka & surrounding areas.

If you are having problems with your furnace turning off or blowing cold air, there could be a couple of reasons why this is happening.  Furnaces have a strange way of failing at the most inconvenient times. The first thing you can check is the filter…

The easiest and least expensive fix for a furnace that is turning off is to check your filter to see if it needs changing.  While it seems like the filter wouldn’t stop it from working, it can.  A dirty filter limits the amount of air that passes thru the furnace.  With one simple filter change, your home can be warm again and the cost to you is minimal.

If it’s not the filter, and if your furnace is blowing cold air, a good cleaning can do the trick.  An AirMaxx Clean & Check involves removing and cleaning critical furnace parts so that they can perform better.  This cleaning may identify problems earlier and save you hundreds of dollars in repairs by finding problems sooner.

Whether you need a furnace repair in Channahon, Plainfield, Naperville or Oswego, AirMaxx would be happy to walk you thru how to install a filter properly.  Most importantly, installing your filter it in the right direction.  We are happy to do this free of charge & over the phone – Also don’t forget to ask about our AirMaxx Furnace Clean & Check process.