If Furnace manufacturers pick us You Should too.

Why do the manufacturer’s choose AirMaxx to repair or install furnaces in their personal homes? AirMaxx buys furnaces from salesmen for the Furnace manufacturers and then we resell them to you, our customers. Our vendor salesmen are the same salesmen that sell to our competition in Channahon and Minooka. So, why when these salesmen need work performed in their home do they chose AirMaxx? Because quality matters.

We are known as the heating contractors in Channahon and Minooka that perform the best installation per the manufacturer’s guidelines – PERIOD. AirMaxx has been in business for 20 years and we do not sell/push anything that the customer does not need.  We do not pressure or fabricate information to make the customer think a new furnace sale is needed.  We simply do not pressure you, the customer. We are putting this out there, because it has been brought to our attention that there are contractors in Minooka that will perform a discount furnace clean and check and then tell you that your furnace heat exchanger is cracked, when in fact is not – When they call AirMaxx for a second opinion, we have verified that this is not the case.

So, why do the manufacturer’s salesmen want us to repair or install furnaces in their homes, because we, as the best technicians, perform the best IU installs in Channahon and Minooka. Our company reputation is more important than our company growth, it is more important than how many customers sold a furnace repair service in one day.

AirMaxx considers quality over quantity. So, if you are looking for a company that has a 20-year reputation of consistently providing quality service to their customers call AirMaxx. That is why the furnace manufacturers choose AirMaxx to perform service repair on the furnaces in their personal home.

Airmaxx has a better process, better tools & better training when it comes to furnace repair. Our mantra is Quality Service is Just the Beginning. Now we are Bringing Back Craftsmanship in a digital world.

At Airmaxx we know that being transparent with our customers about pricing could sometimes lose us the opportunity to gain another customer. However, we are more interested in great long-term trustworthy relationships. We want our customer to call when they need our service and have no doubt that we are going to treat them like family. So, we may lose some opportunities, but we gain much more with the value that we receive from the trusting customers that we have gained over the years. We continue to fight the unscrupulous HVAC contractors in Minooka that have the “replace every air conditioner that they go to repair” mentality. The AirMaxx way is to repair first and replace last. You should have a choice, don’t let the HVAC technician in Minnoka make the choice for you. If you want honest service and savvy advice give AirMaxx a call.

Some HVAC repair companies in Minooka have a free service call. Some air conditioning companies in Minooka separate their service call fee from their diagnostic fee. Some heating and cooling companies in Minooka IL advertise no extra fees, no overtime fees, and no door charges. Imagine a company that comes to tell you what is wrong with your air conditioner for free & then just leaves your home because you can’t afford to repair the unit at that time or you can’t afford to have a new air conditioner installed. But ask yourself, are there charges built into the price for their repair? At AirMaxx, we think that would be dishonest. If you are dealing with someone dishonest about pricing, now consider if they are being truthful about what has failed on your air conditioner. Maybe the HVAC company says “we don’t have a service call fee but we have a diagnostic fee.” This is normally explained when you decline the repair. Too late to react.  Now that “Free diagnostic” company is in front of you ready to repair your air conditioner. Chances are, you are not going to be so frustrated that you are going to Decline the charges and start this process all over again in your hot home. You may have them repair your air conditioner, be glad that your house is cool and assume all HVAC contractors are the same.  They are NOT.

At Airmaxx we do have a diagnostic fee, BUT… we are transparent with that when you call and ask. We are so honest that we know some customers will call someone else for the free service call fee, not knowing the gamesmanship played by the air conditioning repair companies in Minooka that choose to be not completely honest. For us, it’s all about integrity and keeping our Minooka customers happy.