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New Air Conditioner Sales And Installation


The purpose of our installation design is to insure that your air conditioning system has as close to manufacturer performance specifications as possible. We adhere to strict installation procedures, beginning with designing a properly sized copper line set with the least amount of braze joints as possible, we also verify what evaporator coil is most beneficial for your application.

We use a digital micron gauge combined with special stainless steel braided hoses and brass fittings to ensure that we achieve a manufacturer suggested vacuum of at most 350 microns. Our setup creates a closed system eliminating any leak under deep vacuum. Our micron gauge system allows us to perform a micron test to verify the actual reading in the system before we complete of evacuation process.


New Carrier Air ConditionerEstablished in 1999, our continued growth is a direct extension of our customer’s continued support. Our customer is the most important piece of our business that is why pressured sales is not a tactic we subscribe to. We pride ourselves in being small enough to handle large tasks, but not too small to impact our friendly customer service.

Let us help you match an Air Conditioning system that will be most suited for your air cooling needs. Best equipment, best install, and best price are our #1 objectives. Take the guesswork out of your air cooling search; we will identify new energy rating standards, available rebates and promotions to with fit any budget. Allow AirMaxx to explain the efficiency options that are best suited for our climate in Illinois. AirMaxx will explain the importance of correctly matching your air conditioning system, and most of all, the importance of the installation process.

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