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dryerThe restricted airflow causes lint build-up and excessive heat which in some cases results in a fire. AirMaxx is well known throughout the Chicagoland area as one of the best dryer vent remediation specialists around. Recommended by major appliance companies, we are capable of handling most situations. Having your dryer vent inspected could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We use state of the art equipment to inspect and clean your dryer vents. Your entire ventilation run is cleaned. AirMaxx cleans the dryer vent run from entry to point of exit (INSIDE AND OUT) as well as around the dryer. The better the airflow your clothes dryer has, the quicker clothes dry, thus saving you money. Airflow can become restricted for a number of reasons:

  • Bird nest
  • Lint build-up
  • Long vent runs (8 feet and longer)
  • Numerous bends
  • Moisture build-up

If properly maintained, dryer vents will only need cleaning every two years. Based on usage, it may require more frequent cleaning and annual inspection. As required, the cleaning process can be recorded in order to illustrate before and after results.


Bird Nest Mites And Maggots:

Don’t assume that birds will leave the nest they have built in your eve, walls, dryer vent or exhaust pipe/fan when the birds are gone. THEY WON’T. If you begin to notice a smell you could have an infestation of maggots. These birds also carry bird mites that can gain access to your house if the problem is not remediated correctly.


Bird nests and leftover nesting material can pose a serious fire hazard to your home if left unchecked. A blocked dryer vent can cause a build up of heat that can ignite the flammable material used in nest construction and the resulting fire can spread quickly through you home. Spring is nesting season so don’t delay. Have your dryer vents professionally inspected and thoroughly cleaned before it becomes a problem.


Will a clogged dryer vent cause my clothes to take too long to dry?

The dryer vent is designed to exhaust the hot, moist air outside of your home. If a vent is clogged the air will not exhaust outside and cause the dryer to become extremely hot. Studies have shown this to be the cause of fires, increase gas and electricity usage due to longer drying times. So if your dryer vent is clogged, you could have a potential fire hazard!
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