A home high energy efficient furnace in a basement

To customers that have had AirMaxx Heaxing and Air Conditioning Service Inc. perform furnace repair and air conditioning repair services in Channahon IL this is for you and your friends.

The new Federal law that is expected to go into effect July 2019 was passed to help reduce HVAC operating cost in Channahon IL and across the nation.  Furnace and air conditioning manufacturers can no longer make furnaces that have the old-style furnace blower motor.  All furnace motors must be an ECM style motor.  What is an ECM furnace blower motor?  An ECM or high efficiency furnace blower motor converts an AC current into a DC current.  What does this do for you guys and gals in Channahon IL?  This furnace blower motor will reduce your electricity bill.  The watts used to operate this efficient furnace blower can be from 30% to 80% less that the traditional PSC furnace blower motor.  Utility companies such as Comed are giving Channahon homeowners a $50 to $100 rebate on ECM furnace blower motors.  Call or email AirMaxx for more information.

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